The Student Capstones, Theses, & Dissertations Collection compiles the student work listed in our Department student collections.


Theses/SIP from 2005

Discharge Planning, Kongmo Nsameluh

Nurse Documentation of Signs and Symptoms Related to Neurtoxicity in Patients Receiving Ifosfamide, Carboplatin, and Etoposide (ICE), Sherry L. Wolf

The Braden Scale and Nursing Documentation: A Secondary Analysis, Holly C. Wright, M. J. Miller, and Susanna K. Cook

Theses/SIP from 2004

Academic Nurse Faculty Shortage: Identifying Career Orientations of Nurse Educators, Lynn R. Alcock

The Parent/Child Experience of Taking Oral Glutamine in a Research Study, Diana L. Barr

Calcium Intake, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Bone Mineral Density Among a Group of Religious Sisters, Anne Bulh, Shannon Huber, and Allison Meisheid

Describing the Perceived Learning Needs of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Marny L. Carlson

Hearing and Quality of Life Among a Group of Religious Sisters, Cheryl Casperson and Madonna Daley

An Analysis of Parent's Experiences With the Diagnosis of Long QT Syndrome (LQTS) in Their Family, Monica Farnsworth

Job Satisfaction of Rural Nurses, Lori E. Frahm and Michelle C. Hedin

Student Nurses' Self-Rated and Tested Knowledge of Home-Based Early Intervention Services for At-Risk Families, Melanie Glynn and Janell Melhouse

Correlation of the Pre-Operative Ankle-Brachial-Index and Pulse Volume Recording With Impaired Saphenous Vein Incisional Wound Healing Among Post-Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Patients, Connie M. Jackie and Jamie J. Haraden

Mammography Among Uninsured Women, Elisha R. Jacobs

The Effects of a Nursing Career Awareness Program of Elementary Students' Image of Nursing and Career Choice, Elisa M. Johnson and Debra J. Rowekamp

A Descriptive Study of Hearing Impairment and Falls in Elderly Religious Sisters: A Secondary Analysis, Donna Kamann and Theresa Bender

Incidence of Colorectal Cancer Among Religious Sisters, Tammy Klaus and Sara Young

The Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Self-Care in Diabetes Education, Amy J. Koenings

Measuring the Effects of Education on Registered Nurses' Individual Accountability, Jean L. Loes

Perceptions and Characteristics of Registered Nurses' Involvement in Decision Making, Kara L. Mangold, Kristina K. Pearson, and Julie R. Schimtz

Barriers to Effective Patient Teaching: Perceptions of Nurses in Rural Settings, S. K. Meyers

Registered Nurse Job Satisfaction and Collective Bargaining Unit Membership Status, Jennifer Pittman

Depression Among a Community of Religious Sisters, Dawn Ritter and Emerlee Stilley

Cardiovascular Disease and Cholesterol Among a Community of Elderly Religious Sisters, Peggy M. Stimpert

Water Intake in School Aged Children, Janet Swanson

Theses/SIP from 2003

Physical Function of Elderly Religious Sisters, Jennifer L. Behrns and Julie O. Johnson

Health Perception and Health Behaviors in School-Aged Children, Amy Beyerstedt and Nancee Quinn

FIM™ Scores, FIM™ Efficiency, Metric, and Discarge Disposition Following Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation, Patti Bieber and Kari Bottemiller

Effects of Interinstitutional Relocation On Long-Term Care Residents, Jennifer A. Bold

Nutrition Behaviors of the Rural Elderly and Their Association with Perceived Health Status, Amy J. Brown

Job Satisfaction and Intent to Leave the Nursing Profession, Marci Denn

The Influence of Context on Assessment Data, Duane K. Ellsworth and Heather J. Harms

Psychological Stressors and Quality of Life Among Primary Caregivers to Heart Transplant Cnadidates and Recipients, Laura Fenske

Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Child Behavior in At-Risk Families with Children Ages 2 - 6, Dona Hebrink

Functional Status as an Indicator of the Use of Non-routine Discharge Planning in the Acute Care Setting, Kristine A. Kock, Rebecca M. Salaban, and Deborah K. Varrelmann

Accessing hospice: Perspectives of health care providers, nurses and caregivers, Traci J. Morken

Nurse Faculty Career Pathway, Audrey K. Nervig and Susan M. Sullivan

The Effect of Age and Comorbidity and the use of Routine versus Non-routine Discharge Planning, Sandy Nichols and Bogna Mustwillo

Acceptance of Nurse Practitioners by the Rural Elderly Dining at Dining Centers, Sarah A. Reiland

Acute Care Nuse Case Management: An Innovative Approach, Michele L. Yeadon

Theses/SIP from 2002

Spiritual Well-Being, Distress, and Perception of Health Following a Myocardial Infarction: A Descriptive Correlational Study, Sara L. Arnold

Knowledge and Attitudes of Emergency Nurses Regarding Pain Management, Terri A. Bergeron

Serial Orthostatic Measurements in Elderly Females, Stacy M. Boehm, Susan E. Heitman, and Michelle M. Wolf

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Disorder of Extreme Stress in Children Following Sexual Abuse, Susan J. Buck

The Relationship Among Number of Pack Years Smoked, Length of Time Since Smoking Cessation, and Postoperative Complications and Wuality of Life Following Esophageal or Lung Resection Surgery, Colleen Byrnes and Kelly Gillett

Effects of Therapeutic Harp Music on the Hospitalized Patients' Experience of Pain, Holly Euclide and Michelle Barcelona

Associations Between Frailty and Functional Status in Older Adults, Shari Eversman and Kathy Augustine

Depression Coping Self-Efficacy and Depressive Symptoms: A Two-Year Folow-up Study, Carol Fristedt and Pam Pierce

Mechanism of Injury, Characteristics, and Outcomes of Patients over Age 60 Hospitalized with a Pelvic Fracture, Joanne H. Heathmann

Relocation as a Result of a Long-Term Care Facility Closure: Reported Effect on Staff, Joan H. Henely and Sharon K. Prinsen

Effect of Exercise On Walking Ability and Perceived Exertion in Individuals with Knee Osteoarthritis, Yumiko Hirao

Loneliness, depression and affect balance among nursing home residents: Examining the effects of the "Time Our for Grandparents" program, Nancy Hust

Spuse Caregiver Transitions Associated with Nursing Home Placement, Lola M. Johnson

The Effect of a Follow-up Phone Call on Medical Patients' Perception of Understanding, Adherence, and Satisfaction with Instructions and Education About Post Hospital Care, Heidi K. Reich

Outcomes of Asthma Education among People 65 and Older, Elizabeth Speltz

Challenge and Primary Appraisal: Predicting Somatic Health Outcomes In an Oncology Population, Jan Vrchota and Patricia McLean

The Effect of Non-Nutritive Sucking on Agitation in a Demented Elder: A Pilot Study, Kirsten M. Wyffels

Theses/SIP from 2001

Body Temperature and Select Indicators of Infection in an Aged Emergency Department Patient Population, Lori A. Bauler

A Descriptive Study of the Health Status of Elderly Religious Sisters, Lisa Brase, Sherry Chesak, Cate Hellman, and Megan Pfrimmer

Cholesterol Among a Community of Elderly Religious Sisters, Jennifer Elmer and Deanna Erickson

Health Risk Appraisal Among Male Professional Church Workers, Louise J. Gorzycki

Rural Nurses' Perceptions of Stress Related to Shiftwork, Sandra J. Herron, La Donna D. McGohan, and Margaret A. S. Senn

Effect of Nursing Home Resident Relocation on Family Members, Rosemarie Hoff, Julie Smith, and Kathleen Bricco-Jablonski

Quality of Life Among Ursodeoxycholic Acid Treated Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Patients, Roberta A. Jorgensen

Incidence of Breast Cancer and Frequency of Mammograms Among Catholic Sisters Between 1985 and 1999, Lynn Orlowski

Patients Involved in Alcohol-Related Motor Vehicle Crashes: Identification of a Chemical Dependency Evaluation Prior to Hospital Discharge, Mary L. Schacht and Jane M. Kirmse

Prevalence of Hypertension and Perceived Stress Among a Community of Religious Sisters, Jeanne Voll and Shauna Schad

Factors that Influence a Multiparous Woman's Feeding Choice for Her Newborn, Jo Ann F. White

Theses/SIP from 2000

A Study of the Association Between Pra™ Scores of Hospitalized Adult Patients and Readmission With 31 Days, Peter Bennett and Suzane Kennebeck

Differences Between Patients Diagnosed with a Depressive Disorder Admitted to a Partial Hospitalization Program versus an Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment Program, Susan R. Brust

Families of Persons with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness and their Ratings of Use and Value of Mental Health Services in a Southeastern Minnesota Community, Kathryn M. Collins and Teresa M. Richards

Terms Used to Describe the Concept of Acute Postoperative Abdominal Pain and the Extent to which These Terms Can Be Mapped to Source Vocabularies, Lisa Downer and Tristen Lee

The Efffects of a Structured Cardiac Education Program on Post Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty and/or Stent Patients' Coronary Artery Disease Knowledge Retention and Health-Promoting Behaviors, Andrea Eickhoff and Karyl Tammel

Effects of a Low Intensity Weight-Bearing Exercise Program on C-Reactive Protein Levels of Individuals with Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Laura K. Evenson and Ronda M. Nading

The Effect of Exercise on Interleukin-6 Levels in the Synovial Fluid of Osteoarthritic Knees, Kathy Ferguson and Denise Ring

Pain During Transurethral Thermotherapy for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia: A Comparative Descriptive Study, Karen A. Hanson

The Relationship Between Male and Female Adolscents' Knowledge of Breastfeeding and Their Attitutdes Towards Breastfeeding, Rhonda Hemann and Stephanie Sulla

Effect of Select Skin Care Products on Adult Diaper Absorbency, Connie M. Hoppe and Elizabeth M. Wirt

The Effect of an Educational Program on Nursing Home Nurses' Pain Knowledge, Assessment, and Intervention Strategies on Nursing Home Residents with Pain, Renee M. Iverson and Elizabeth A. Robb

The Healthcare Needs of Elderly Catholic Sisters, Melanie K. Johnson

Leadership and Job Satisfaction in Home Health Care, Marcia M. Knutson

Critical Analysis of Two Public Health Interventions, Kathryn Lammers

The Relationship of Patient Satisfaction with Pain Management to Overall Satisfaction with Hospitalization: A Secondary Study, Marie A. Litscher

Accuracy of Accelerometer Instruments for Estimation of Energy Expenditure in a Population of Elderly Individuals with Osteoarthritis of the Knee and an Abnormal Gait, Susanne R. Mlsna and Deanne L. Romaine

Impact of Illness, Life Fulfillment, and Depressive Symptoms Among Patients with Fibromyalgia, Angela C. Pfeiffer

Effect of Caregiver Perception of Preparedness of Burden in an Oncology Population, Mary Scherbring

Representing Pain in the Electronic Medical Record, Debra A. Schiller and Katherine K. Seelandt

Theses/SIP from 1999

Use of the Autolaunch Method of Dispatching an Emergency Helicopter, Kathleen Berns

Ambulation Status-Post Femoral Artery Hemostasis by Collagen Plug Versus Mechanical Compression: Trends in Back Pain and Femoral Artery Site Complications, Lorinna Dessner, Penny Kalpin, and Joyce Rodgers-Johnson

Continence Promotion for Community Dwelling Older Women in Rural Iowa, JoAnn Ermer-Sltun

A Pilot Study of the Content Coverage of a Nurse Practitioner's Documentation Against Selected Coding and Classification Systems, Faith P. Handevidt

Assisting Commercial Airlines with Medical Emergencies, Judy Helgerson

Examining Critical Care Registered Nurses' Practice Regarding Family Interventions For Adults Receiving Care Following A Traumatic Accident, Carole E. Jenson

An Investigation of the Co-Occurrence of Depression Indicators and Nursing Diagnoses, Melissa M. Jordan and Susan M. Mundt

Evaluation of Anxiety and Patient Satisfaction Related to Preoperative Education, Kim McPhee, Judy Osterman, and Krista Swenson

An Investigation to Determine the Mother's Perceived Helpfulness of Rembered Nursing Interventions Surrounding Miscarriage, Johanna Meyer and Kathy Demmer

Predictors of Fatigue in Breast Cancer Patients: A Secondary Analysis, Amy Nelson and Katie Tu

Postoperative Pain in Patients with Known Residual Malignancy, Nona L. Thackeray and Margaret M. Vogel

Exploration of the Level of Work Stressors Among Long-Term Care Staff in a Rural Midwestern Department of Veterans' Affairs Medical Center, Diane F. Wilson

Skin Cancer Awareness and Prevention Practices Among North Central Iowa Farmers, Susan Wojcik, Stacey Rosenberg, and Greg Larson

Theses/SIP from 1998

A Secondary Analysis of Pain Intensity and Patient Satisfaction with Pain Management in Post-Abdominal Surgery Patients, Gayle Baird and Laura Swenson