The Student Capstones, Theses, & Dissertations Collection compiles the student work listed in our Department student collections.


Theses/SIP from 1992

Health-Related Hardiness and the Infant Feeding Decision in Primiparous Women, Diane V. Nicholls

Comparison of Differences in the Incidence of Phlebitis From Intravenous Needles Instead in Two Different Environments, Ramona F. Rasmussen

A Monitored Medication Conpliance Program and its Effect on Relapse and Readmission for the Psychiatric Client, Catherine Shea

Women With Breast Cancer: A Secondary Data Analysis of Journals From the Outward Bound Experience, Tammy Wozney

Theses/SIP from 1991

Description of Health Risk Behaviors in Pregnant Women Before and After Pregnancy, Kathleen M. Beyer

An Exploratory Study of Oral Fluid Intake By Elderly Clients in A Nursing Home, Linda Butterworth

Therapeutic Suggestions: Effect on Postoperative Outcome, Sara S. Gabrick and David R. DeMask

Resuscitation Discussion Experienced of Patients Hospitalized in a Coronary Care Unit, Diane E. Larson

Hope Levels and Psychosocial Adjustment in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Patients, Barbara S. McBride

Identification and Description of Patients' Perceptions of a Critical Care Experience, Bonnie L. Rung

Sleep Pattern Disturbance: Nursing Interventions Received by Patients as Facilitating Nocturnal Sleep in a Hospital, Lois M. Sanwick

Non-nutritive Sucking: Comparison of Function and Nutrition Between Effective and Ineffective Groups, Alice Syverson, Judith Hass, and Dorothy Gusa

Theses/SIP from 1990

Frequency of Elevated Blood Pressure in Nonhospitalized Adult Emergency Department Patients: Identification and Referral, Lois A. Caulum

The Outcome of a Critical Care Nurse Internship Program, Jo Ann Del Monte

The Needs of Family Members of Persons Undergoing Rehabilitation for Head Injuries, Joan K. Perlich

Spouses Perception of Stressors Associated with Psychiatric Hospitalization, Michele M. Saettler

Theses/SIP from 1988

Varirables in Psychosocial Adjustment to SLE, Lisa J. Judd

Theses/SIP from 1983

The Effects of A Breakfast Program on Reading Achievement in the School District of La Crosse, Tarry J. Hall

Theses/SIP from 1978

Causes of Athletic Injuries in the Intercollegiate Athletic Program at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, John S. Eggart

Theses/SIP from 1964

Relationship Between the Soft Rubber Football Shoe and Football Injuries, Thomas J. Vail

Theses/SIP from 1961

Cerebral Palsy, Joseph G. Karakas

Theses/SIP from 1959

The Causes and Influence of Stuttering, Kathryn S. Cappelen