The Student Capstones, Theses, & Dissertations Collection compiles the student work listed in our Department student collections.


Theses/SIP from 2013

The Presence of Pondering, Struggling, and Burden Among Family Members with Chronic Illness, Robert A. Goodew, Emily A. C. Isaacson, and Janice A. Miller

The Relationship Amongst Age, Cognition, and Number of Electroconvulsive Therapy Treatments in Adults During Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment, Hilary K. Hawn and Jennifer S. Prochaska

Vulnerability and Uncertainty Among Families Dealing with Chronic Illness, Kathleen A. Jackson and Andrea L. Stuedemann

Differences Between Self-Reported Falls and Hearing Impairment Among Religious Sisters, Kassidy L. Karnik, Anne C. Wright, and Tamara L. Zimmerman

The Relationship Between Physical and Psychological Pain in Patients with Depression Undergoing Electroconvulsive Therapy, Lesa A. Kerley, Kayla A. Langhans, and Lisa M. Wood

Fall Risk Factors in Patients Receiving Electroconvulsive Therapy Treatments Within the Elderly Psychiatric Population, Eugene P. Kopecky and Clarissa J. Meyer

Fear of Recurrence and Psychological Distress in Younger Versus Older Spouses of Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer, Taylor E. Peck, Danna Renner, and Jacob J. Pauly

Theses/SIP from 2012

Decisional Inolvement: Actual and Preferred Involvement in Decision-Making Among Staff Nurses Based on Generational Cohorts, Michele A. Asche, Lisa J. Lemke, and Evalyn M. Michira

Implementing A Problem-Solving Internvetion to Treat Depression Among Hispanic Patients Receiving Care at a Midwest Migrant Health Clinic, Elizabeth Bottke, Koleena Johnson, and Anna Svennungsen

Interventions to Optimize Enrollment in Migrant Clinicians Networks' Health Network in the Hispanic Migrant Population Receiving Health Care Services in Minnesota and North Dakota: An Evidence-Based Practice Project, Candace L. Dalpiaz, Anna J. Schwecke, and Heidi L. Seaberg

Residential Treatment Facility Employees' Opinions of Physical Restraints, Bridget M. Keane

Theses/SIP from 2011

Cognition, Fluid Intake, and Length of Stay in Older Adults, Sarah J. Archer, Amy E. Barna, and Roxanna M. Holper

The Religious Sisters' Study: Describing Differences in Perceptions of Physical Health, Physical Functioning, and General Health, Kaitlin E. Bakker, Michelle M. Klein, and Susan K. Priem

Examining the Relationship Between Literacy Level and Healthcare Accessibility Among Underserved Populations of a Free Community Clinic Within an Adult and Family Literacy Center in the Upper Midwest, Michel Benz, Courtney Holtegaard, and Stephanie Vanderboom

Hydration Status Among Elderly with Dual Cardiovascular and Psychiatric Diagnoses, Kerri L. Bjorkley-Campbell, Jami L. Starling, and Jennifer A. Vagher

Intentions Toward Bone Health-Promoting Physical Activity in Overweight and Healthy Weight Women After Bone Density Testing, Sarah J. Bologna, Jennifer M. Hill, and Amanda F.l Meyer

The Effect of Healing Touch on Health-Related Quality of Life in Women with Breast Cancer Receiving Radiation Therapy, Lora Briese, Kristyn Maixner, and Janelle Wozniak

The Exploration of Receptivity to Complementary and Alternative Medicine and its Impact on Health Related Quality of Life Outcomes of Women Receiving Radiation Therapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer in a Healing Touch Study, Heidi E. Hackbarth, Denise C. Muser, and Juliet E. Sunberg

Somali Immigrant Health: Exploring Relationships Among Concepts Contributing to Healthcare Disparities, Shahrior I. Kayes and Nawang K. Sherpa

Secondary Analysis: Investigating the Relationships Between Vulnerability, Caring Strategies, and Family Functioning Among Family Members Managing Chronic Illness, Angela Larsen, Anna Myburgh, and Karen Popp

Changes in Global Mental Health, Vitality, and Social Functioning Over Time in a Group of Religious Sisters, Natalie C. Lawrence and Sarfo K. Nimoh

Creating an Interdisciplinary Care Model for a Rural Community Clinic: An Evidence-Based Project, Cassandra L. Narr, Kristine S. Penza, and Thia M. Walkowiak

A Fall Prevention Guidelines Review and Plan for Implementation, Cynthia R. Niesen

Developing an Evidence Based Intervention to Treat Depression Among Mexican American Migrant Farmworkers Using Problem Solving Treatment in Primary Care, Megan Schoff, Danielle Shumski, and Erin Wilkinson

Family Uncertainty, Struggling, and Connecting: Managing Chronic Illness, Wendy R. Worden and Leanne L. England

Theses/SIP from 2010

Secondary Analysis Examining the Relationships Between Age, Fear of Recurrence, Symptom Distress, and Psychological Distress in Younger Versus Older Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer, Stephanie L. Ahrens, Meghan C. M. Bos, and Emily A. Olson

Fear of Recurrence, Spirituality, and Social Adjustment in Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer: A Secondary Analysis, Deborah Benike, Sarah Wilhelmson, and Ayan Hassan

A Descriptive Correlational Study on Dehydration, Age, and Number of Medical Diagnoses in the Elderly Psychiatric Inpatient, Robert J. Brackle and Anthony J. Swenson

Fear of Recurrence, Psychological Distress, and Marital Cohesion in Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer, Heather L. Carrico, Jodi D. Hellickson, and Cathy L. Mielke

Nurses' Perception of Nursing Diagnosis Based on Specialty Area, Practice Setting and Type of Position, Aminata Cham and Eric J. Engelhardt

Psychological Distress in Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer, Stephanie R. Cunningham, Amy L. Hansen, and Lily A. Weidall

Factors Influencing Healthcare Utilization Within a Free Community Clinic at an Adult and Family Literacy Center, Chinda S. Douangmala, Sarah A. Hayden, and Lindsay E. Young

Relationships Between Falls, Health Perception, and Physical Functioning in a Group of Elderly Women Living Together in a Religious Community, Tammy Friedrich, Teresa Miller, Amy Monsour, and Lauren Tarbell

Relationships Between Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry Testing and Osteoporosis Prevention Education on Calcium Intake in Perimenopausal Women, Julie A. Graczyk, Lindsey L. Olson, and Kristin T. Peterson

Gender Differences in Depressed Individuals: Describing Changes in Depressive Symptons During an Acute Hospitalization, Laura M. Ingvalson and Megan R. Eddy

Theses/SIP from 2009

Corportate Wellness Programs: Professional Attitudes and Common Components, Rebbeca Achen

Outcome Change Scores Based on Marital Status and Gender for Older Adults With Pneumonia or Heart Failure, Erin M. Belcher, Damita J. Carryer, and Christina M. Wiekamp

Couples Experiencing Recurrent Ovarian Cancer: An Examination of the Relationship between Length of Marriage, Marital Quality, Marital Communications, and Psychological Adjustment, Sarah E. Blanshan; Kristina M. Cooper; and Jennifer S, Eickhoff

Exploration of Osteoporosis Prevention and Cognitive Ability Among Religious Sisters, Mindy Boberg, Amy Jeffers, Karen Prieto, and Heather Repinski

A Descriptive Secondary Analysis: Differences in Outcome Change Scores Based on Discharge Disposition and Gender in the Older Adult Population, Stacy L. Chew and Kari M. Isaak

Cardiovascular Disease, Body Mass Index, and Functional Performance in a Group of Religious Sisters: Is There a Relationship?, Kelly Derby, Patricia Gilman, and Brianna Skrukrud

Relationship Between Nursing Outcome Change Scores and Risk Adjustment Variables, Phyllis S. Fisk and Corinne L. Turner

Fibromyalgia: Men Versus Women, Cynthia Jones and Jennifer Timm

Frequency of Prescription Obtainment by Hispanic Migrant Farmworkers Based Upon Selected Variables, Jane C. Korb, Christie Fird, and Michael Kycek

Depression Related to Activity Level Among a Group of Religious Sisters, Brenda S. Kremer, Serena L. Moor, and Amber M. Stitz

Level of Obtainment of Different Prescriptive Medications Among Hispanic Migrant Patients: Based on Medical Diagnosis and Medication Categories, Ann Kreuger, Mary Medinnus, and Zhiling Yang

Examining Diagnostic Criteria Excluding Men From A Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Patricia D. Miller, Jody K. Leise, and Anne M. Beighley

Relationship of Depressive Disorders and Number of Medical Diagnoses with Malnutrition in Geriatric Medical-Psychiatric Patients, Jonathan Scheer and Sara Schlichting

Nurses' Perceptions Regarding Nursing Diagnosis Based on Level of Preparedness, Eric F. Tanlaka

Hypertension and Functional Ability Among a Group of Older Religious Sisters, Colleen A. Thompson, Michele D. Brielmaier, and Richard A. Mokua

Outcome Change Scores as They Relate to Length of Stay and Readmission in Older Adults, Healther L. Zak, Brenda G. Kirby, and Brenda L. Walsh

Theses/SIP from 2008

Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses Based on Age, Years of Experience as a Registered Nurse, and Shift Work Patterns, Katy M. Anderson, Jennifer L. Hansen, and Lois E. Mandler

Self-Management and Funcitonal Ability Among Religious Sisters with Osteoarthirits, Megan M. Anibas, Julie A. Marthaler, and Thomas C. Reardon

Diabetes Medication Choice, Adam Brandl, Erin Dickerhoof, and Nicole Schroeder

Differences in Hydration Status and Delirium Among Inpatient Elderly Psychiatric Patients, Kimberly M. Bryant

The Relationship Among Insurance, Length of Stay, and Negative Thoughts in Depression: A Retrospective Secondary Analysis, Crystal Friesen, Angela Luckhardt, and Kyla Schoenwetter

Relationship Between Discharge Disposition and Length of Stay, Readmissions, and Nursing Diagnoses, Beth M. Hefel, Jill M. Olmscheid, and Michael D. Stark

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in Measuring Hydration Status in Elderly Women, Svetlana Y. Schmitz, Melissa L. Schulze, and Nicole A. Wee

Registered Nurses' Perceptions of Nursing Diagnoses in Relation to Registered Nurse Characteristics, Andrea E. Wagner and Julia A. Jurgensen

Theses/SIP from 2007

Using the Nursing Interventions Classification to Describe the Work of Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioners, Debra S. Coy, John H. Laymon, and J. L. Ronneberg

Influence of Dementia on Hydration and Nutritional Status, Jennifer A. Drier

The Relationship Among Dehydration, Cognitive Impairment, and Functional Impairement in the Elderly Medical Psychiatric Inpatient, Jennifer M. Frank and Leah C. Sanner

Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women, Karin Goodman, Vicky Shultz, and Connie Sullivan

Hispanic Immigrants: Healthcare Problems, Access Barriers, and Referal Patterns, Jennifer A. Grenell, Barbara J. Schmitz, and Tina M. Wangen

Body Fat and Prevalence of Breast Cancer among a Group of Religious Sisters, Katie Halbur, Emily Rath, and Charlotte Volkmann

Nurses' Knowledge of Restraint Utilization with Acutely Confused Elderly, Andrea L. Hauser and Elizabeth J. Larsen

Job Satisfaction and Educational Advancement According to the Minnesota Registered Nurse Workforce Survey, Danyel L. Helgeson and Hilaree E. Lore

Cardiovascular Disease and Body Fat Among a Group of Post-Menopausal Religious Sisters, Jennifer R. Kaus, Connie S. McCullick, and Jeanne R. Rosendale

Nurses' Perception Regarding the Use and Purposefulness of Nursing Diagnoses with Computer Utilization, Melinda K. Meyer and Ann K. Weis

Patient Education Effects on Quality of Life in the Patient with Type 2 Diabetes, Melissa M. Miller and Sarah L. Walker

The Relationship Between RN Job Satisfaction and Accountability, Elizabeth D. Nelson and Emily E. Sorensen

Theses/SIP from 2006

A Comparison of Learning Styles, Critical Thinking Skills, and GPA in Basic and Accelerated Option Baccalaureate Nursing Students, Annette Benson and Anne Cassens

The Learning Needs of People with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Savanna C. Borne

Meauring The Effect of Work Environment And Decisional Involvement On Registered Nurses' Individual Accountability, Bridget Carter, Lynn Johnson, and Dale Pfrimmer

Cardiovascular Risks, Hypertension and Health Promotion Behaviors Among Elderly Religious Sisters, Virginia M. Darling, Patricia L. Jensen, and Mary E. Kasel

Differences in Quaity of Life and Self-Perception of Health for Various Levels of Physical Function Among Elderly Religious Sisters, Erin L. Deerinbg, Denise C. Rollmann, and Rebekah J. Zinnecker

Job Satisfaction and Intent to Leave the Nursing Profession, Susan Frosch

Metabolic Syndrome & Cognitive Impairment: Does A Connection Exist?, Amanda J. Hanson and Chelsey D. Kolbet

Differences in Nurse Job Satisfaction Related to Years of Experience and Length of Service, Nancy A. Harris and Sarah N. Hunt

Registered Nurse Job Satisfaction Related to Educational Level and Setting, Adam T. Holland, Tanya J. Huneke, and Kelly K. Scherger

Knowledge and Attitudes of College-age Students about Emergency Contraception, Debra A. Hystead and Melissa J. Schutz

Measuring Risk Using Nursing Diagnoses and Comorbid Conditions with Consequential Length of Stay, Jackeline I. Iseler, Nicole S. Nipper, and Heather K. Ruffin

The Association of Changes in Body Mass Index, Physical Function, and Cognitive Function Among a Group of Elderly Religious Sisters, Patricia L. Kujala, Pamela J. Mattie, and Karla A. Mees

Domestic Violence Among Female Employess of a Long Term Care Facility, Dale A. Nasby

Body Mass Index and Hypertension Among a Community of Religious Sisters, Connie Schuh and Catherine Wilson

Theses/SIP from 2005

Validity of the Coder Impressions Inventory in Coding Videotapped Parent-Child Interactions, Marisa D. Arnoldi, Ida M. Banks, and Kari L. O'Keefe

Minnesota Nurses' Perceptions of Nursing Diagnoses, Erika L. Beetcher and Erika L. Halverson

Fibromyalgia: Identifying Differences in Diagnosis and Impact Between Males and Females, Michelle Burke and Caroline Groten

Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses Based Upon Work Shift Patterns, Work Setting, and Age, Kayla Dascher and Tracey Gohmann

The Differences in Body Mass Indexes for Various Functional Levels Among a Group of Religious Sisters, Kristine Day and Rachelle Holycross

Functional Changes and Falls Among a Group of Elderly Religious Sisters, Kristen L. Hautala

Evaluation of Postoperative Pain Relief in Neurosurgical Patients Undergoing Laminectomy Surgery, Kirsten M. Hayford

Levels of Risk and Rates of Select Types of Cancer Among a Group of Religious Sisters, Jessica Hinkley-Reese and Heather Stonelake

Falls in the Elderly: Association with Strength and Balance, Matthew Iott, Deirdre Kolb, and Sandra Morisette

Comparison of Job Satisfaction Among Diploma/Associate and Baccalaureate Prepared Nurses, Yoland Jennissen, Alicia Pfeilsticker, and Amy White

The Relationship Between Decisional Involvement, Generational Groupings, and Job Satisfaction, Barbara L. Johnson, Kellie A. Backman, and Amanda M. George

Health Behaviors and Health Status of Graduate Nursing Students, Douglas Johnson and Jennifer Douglas

Discharge Medication Errors Among People Who Do and Do Not Smoke, Melissa D. Lamb and Beth A. Sievers

Comparison of Patient-Reported Barriers to Cancer Pain Mangement Versus Their Oncology Nurses' Perceptions in 18 Hospitalized Patients, Laura J. Luna and Kristin D. F. Negley

Bruise Dating in the Elderly: A Descriptive Analysis, Vickie Lynch and Theresa M. Peliotes