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The editors of Essays in Education are very pleased to announce that we are accepting submissions for our next journal volume. We are hoping to have a special section highlighting challenges and opportunities for educating during a global crisis; however, we welcome submissions on any topic relevant to Essays in Education.

Submission guidelines can be found by visiting Policies.

Essays in Education seeks to engage education practitioners across disciplines to aid in the timely dissemination and practical application of relevant education research. Essays in Education was published between 2002-2008 by Dr. Timothy Lintner of the School of Education - University of South Carolina-Aiken. Permission was given for the journal to continue at Winona State University starting in 2019. Please note: Articles were not published between 2009-2018. An archive of the original journal can be found here.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Current Volume: Volume 25 (2020)

Editor Notes

The publication of volume 25 of Essays in Education (EIE) caps off a long and arduous three-year journey that began in April of 2017 when I and a few colleagues got the idea of resurrecting what had been a favorite (and free!) online journal from the last decade. EIE, as now, was always an eclectic educational journal, and I accessed each new volume with the same anticipation I have when opening a gift.

I am proud of, and grateful for, our editorial team—Gail, George & Robin—and our many supporters who have assisted us on this journey, in particular Kendall Larson & Russ Dennison, Winona State University library faculty, the folks from Bepress, and our dedicated and expanding team of peer reviewers. It really takes a team!

Lastly, I thank Dr. Timothy Lintner from the University of South Carolina Aiken, the founder and original editor of EIE from 2002 to 2008, who graciously granted us permission to resurrect the journal and migrate it to Winona State University.

Mitch Moore
Essays in Education Editor


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