The millennial generation is now completely immersed in today’s work force. With job satisfaction playing a large role in whether an individual chooses to stay in a job role and make it a career or move on to the next opportunity out there. Health and wellness in the work life atmosphere pertaining to physical, mental, and emotional well-being could be a contributing factor in what makes the people of a millennial generation choose between different opportunities. The quality of a person’s life and health are becoming the main priority and the focus on whether the company is looking to better each individual is a key in the selection process. Exploring the connection and comparison between these dynamics is something that could explore what comes next for big businesses and what young working individuals are working for. Some important public health disorders that obesity contributes to are cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, gallbladder disease, psychosocial disability, and musculoskeletal disorders. Other conditions linked with obesity include renal disease, liver disorders, ventilator defects, venous stasis and thromboembolisms, gout, cerebrovascular disease, and (in women) endometrial and possible breast cancer. Overweight and obese people are open to higher risks from surgery, anesthesia, and accidents, and they have a high rate of employee absenteeism and statistics regarding body weight and longevity are examined, (Van Itallie, 2013). Millennials are becoming more aware of these health issues and are trying to work towards a brighter and healthier future. A retirement plan and medical benefits are standard practice, and people now look for additional health benefits such as gym memberships and paid time off for mental health. A new way of work is here to stay and the work industry as a whole is doing WELL-BEING CORRELATIONS TO JOB SATISFACTION 4 everything in its power to stay competitive when it comes to what benefits they can offer their employees to edge out other companies.

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