The Winona County Historical Society (WCHS) and Winona State University (WSU) formed a partnership to digitize and preserve the Cal Fremling Archive, a collection of personal papers, field notes, images, and other documents created and used during the working life of this renowned biologist and Winona State University educator. Both institutions believe that expanding access to this archive will create educational and research opportunities, as well as increase awareness of the scientific contributions that Dr. Fremling made in the study of freshwater biology, specifically that of the Upper Mississippi River. Dr. Fremling was a researcher and professor for thirty-two years at WSU and the author of Immortal River: The Upper Mississippi in Ancient and Modern Times.

Requests to reproduce the items in this collection for educational purposes only, are granted by the Winona County Historical Society. Please contact for more information.

This project has been financed in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society.

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