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Hops are an essential ingredient in flavoring and preserving beer. Hops contain two main types of compounds: α-acids and β-acids, which are the essential oils. I studied these volatile compounds such as humulone, an α-acid, and myrcene and humulene, which are β-acid. Humulone, like other α-acids, gives beer a bitter flavor via isomerization. Unlike α-acids, β-acids flavors are based on which chemical compounds are present in the hops. For example, myrcene produces a floral, citrus, and piney flavor, while humulene creates a spicy, and herbal aroma. Additionally I investigated the effect on my compounds of interest during the brewing process, more specifically when and how the hops were added. The relationship between bitter and aroma is crucial for obtaining the desired taste. Ethyl Acetate is used to extract the desired volatile compounds from my hops; this allowed me to use Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy to visualize and identify the desired compounds.

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