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Soil emission rates of the greenhouse gas: carbon dioxide (CO2) have been investigated using a new and simpler gas sampling chamber. It is important to formulate a standardized sampling method, including a sample collection container so that the data obtained can be reliably compared with and added to a multitude of measurements made in ecosystems around the world. The primary goal of this research is to determine if the new sampling system gives statically equivalent results to the proven sampling method already employed. The carbon dioxide flux rate determination based on the new sampling unit was calculated to be 0.67 mmol CO2/hr m2. Past research groups calculated an average flux rate to be 8 ± 5 mmol CO2/hr m2 using the existing sampling canister. The large uncertainty in flux rates from the past research is due primarily to different sampling conditions. Flux rates are highly dependent on soil temperature and moisture. The flux rate measured with the new chamber is an order of magnitude lower than those measured by other members or our group with the proven chambers and considerably lower than most literature values. The new sampling chamber needs further testing and modifications before it can be used with confidence in the field.

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