Date Capstone Completed


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Capstone Paper

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Masters of Science in Leadership Education: Sport Management


Leadership Education


Douglas R. Callahan




This study reports on sports information directors (SID) at the collegiate level limited to NCAA Division II athletic programs. An online survey was used for all participants, and select respondents completed follow-up interviews. Surveys were intended to determine the impact of work-life balance and overall workload of the SID role. Survey questions sought to find perceptions of SIDs by athletic administrators, including the athletic director (AD), and if their role provided opportunities for career advancement within collegiate athletic administration. The results of the study showed that institution/department culture, family, and professional growth factored heavily on retention. Adversely, turnover was linked to individuals seeking career advancement, better support staffs, or improved workplace cultures. Additionally, this study found that work-life balance was particularly disrupted by hours required, lack of support staff, and the growing demands of the role. Each of those factors impacted the results showing that a majority of SIDs in this study have considered leaving the profession. Furthermore, this project discovered the important link between the relationship of AD and SID in seeking an improved work-life balance and professional advancement opportunities. A majority of this study’s participants indicated they were considered to be senior-level athletic administrators, and a notable portion of the respondents had career goals to be an athletic director. The majority of this study’s participants were veterans of the profession, had held only one top-ranking SID job, and had been at their current institution for a prolonged period of time. Despite those demographics, that segment shared similar concerns and issues in the role as other groups. Finally, this study revealed that perceptions of the SID role have begun to change, and positive trends are emerging among its professionals who no longer want to be viewed as technicians, but as senior-level leaders with aspirations of continued growth in collegiate athletic administration.



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