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Abstract This essay is comprised with reflective experiences with sensory processing disorder (SPD) in the classroom as a new teacher. Challenges that were experienced when navigating SPD and its characteristics. Initially unaware of SPD and its nuanced characteristics, significant hurdles were shared. SPD can be mishandled and mislabeled and can lead to learning barriers and emotional triggers. I describe ways to engaged in appropriate interventions and accommodations that work when applied correctly, timely, and specific. From this experience, I was able to create my own sensory solution that serves the needs of all my sensational learners in the classroom. A shared insight garnered from trail and error leading to practical practices and solutions. I aim to contribute to a broader discussion on inclusive education and advocate for informed approaches to supporting individuals with SPD in educational settings. Keywords: Sensory processing disorder (SPD), Ayres sensory integration (ASI), sensory behaviors, early childhood.

Primary Author Bio Sketch

Dion Barrett is a special education, early childhood teacher, early childhood consultant, and sensory processing disorder coach. Her area of interest is early childhood special education.



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