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The world was struck by turmoil as the COVID-19 virus surged to the surface. Affecting the lives of many. In a matter of days, the process of daily living got a new meaning. The new lifestyle of living consisted of wearing masks, self-quarantining for fourteen days, and socially distancing six feet apart. From the perspective of a college student, life was flipped upside down. Classes were moved online, and students were asked to not be on campuses across the country for months on end. Collegiate student-athletes had it much rougher. Due to the global pandemic multiple sport seasons were cancelled and any hope of post-season championship play was gone. Due to the circumstances of COVID-19, the mental health of collegiate-student athletes has been impacted. The research design was a mix of quantitative and qualitative data collected through a survey. The data from the study focused on pre-COVID-19 (fall of 2019) and during COVID-19 (fall of 2020) which can be documented as in-season and out-of-season for student-athletes. The study examined and identified if there are correlations between stress levels, GPA, credit load, and emotional state through the lens of anxiety and depression throughout the pandemic. As the COVID-19 pandemic had continued spreading mayhem, the student-athlete’s grades were stable compared with fall semester of 2019. Student-athletes did experience higher levels of anxiety during the Pandemic, but they did not experience more significant levels of depression. GPAs went down slightly, but not significantly. Students who preferred online learning experienced lower levels of stress in comparison to peers who preferred traditional face to face courses.



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