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In this era of globalisation, it is imperative that teachers are adequately prepared to function effectively in a challenging global environment. The challenges of globalisation demands teachers who are competent, effective, and dynamic in their orientation. This paper presents a report of a study that examines the existing knowledge of in-service teachers in the University of Botswana, of some significant global issues/events. Five hundred in-service teachers were randomly selected from across 100-400 levels of study and across the three main teaching specializations: arts/humanities, sciences and social sciences. An instrument tagged ‘’Knowledge of Significant Global Events/Issues Test’’ with a reliability coefficient of 0.92 was used for data collection. Three research questions were addressed and data collected was analysed using mean scores, t-test, and analysis of variance (ANOVA). The results indicates a generally poor knowledge of the global issues examined among the teachers, with a majority of them scoring below average (64.2% below 50).Also, course of study and level of study were found to significantly influence the in-service teachers’ knowledge of the global issues in question, while gender has no significant effect on the knowledge scores. The implications of the findings for teacher preparation programmes in Botswana and other developing countries were discussed with a major recommendation on curricular review to accommodate emerging issues in globalisation.

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