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It needs to be pointed out that the role of the teacher is of paramount importance in the education system. He is the custodian of knowledge and instructor of instruction. It is often said that the standard of education can not grow beyond the level or standard of the teachers. Therefore this study examined the Teachers’ perception of teaching as correlate of students’ academic performance in Oyo state, Nigeria. The results showed that, the relationship between teachers’ perceptions and students’ performance is positive and significant that is, the perceptions of teachers have effect on students’ performance. (r = 0.372, P<.05) Also it was revealed that qualification has no significant effect on students performance as t=0.683, P>.05.Teachers attitudes and good behaviour has a significant effect on performance (r=0.395, P<.05) and Methods of teaching has significant effect on students performance (r= 0.591,P<.05). It was however recommended that it is necessary for the teacher as a member of his profession to be an enlightened person who possesses a thorough mastery of broad field of human knowledge, subject matter, attitudes and behaviour.

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