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Colleges and universities employ adjunct faculty to fill personnel needs not met when availability of full time faculty is insufficient; as such, academic leaders should find ways to ensure the success of this vitally important faculty group. This qualitative research inquiry studied adjunct faculty perceptions regarding factors deemed necessary to acquire and hone pedagogical competence in university settings. Using a phenomenological approach, the research team studied how eight college and university adjunct faculty, both pre-service and in-service, perceived teaching preparation. Deliberate Practice Theory undergirded this inquiry. Three themes emerged from the study: preparation to teach, teaching content, and institutional support. The research team recommends the following practices to prepare adjunct faculty for teaching success: construct job embedded professional development, foster a robust system of observation and feedback, and create adjunct faculty mentoring programs. Citation: Parker, D. M., McAuley Brown, L.T., Holmes, B.D. (2018). Preparing University Adjunct Faculty to Teach. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice 18(7).

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Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice


Adjunct Faculty, Professional Development, Curriculum Development, Pedagogy, Higher Education, University


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Preparing University Adjunct Faculty to Teach

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