Date Dissertation Completed


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctorate of Education


Education Studies

Dissertation Advisor

Barbara D. Holmes

Dissertation Committee Members

DeJuanna M. Parker, Kent L. Willis, Leo T. McAuley Brown


Winona, Minnesota


This qualitative study explored Health Science faculty navigating learning during a global pandemic. Data collection sources for the study comprised individual interviews, individual online questionnaires, and a focus group. The study produced four emergent themes from data analysis of individual interviews, online questionnaires, and the focus group: Faculty Flexibility with Responding to Virtual Instructional Delivery, Shift from Didactic to Conceptual Contextual Learning, Shift in Assessment of Skills and Competency, and Faculty Creativity in Changing the State of Practice Through Course Design. Conclusions from the study established changing pedagogy from a teacher-focused to student-focused approach and employing creativity were paramount with virtual learning. Students and faculty were ill-prepared for assuming an online learning approach after using instruction based on face-to-face pedagogy Recommendations for future research include conducting a quantitative study of Health Science faculty navigating instruction amid a global pandemic. Obtaining a larger sample size, and conducting a longitudinal study to explore how challenges evolved and rectified through carrying stages of the pandemic would illuminate challenges and possible remedies for mitigating disruption in future academic settings.

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