CE 601 Syllabus: Foundations of Counseling

Veronica Johnson, Winona State University

Course Description

This introductory counseling course is designed to provide students with an orientation to the field of counseling. It will familiarize students with the assumptions, theories, strategies, applications, and ethical and legal considerations related to development in counseling. Students will be introduced to the core requirements and multicultural competencies necessary to becoming a counselor, the various employment opportunities and settings in the counseling profession, and the roles and functions of counselors in these settings. Central to this course will be an on-going self-evaluation of the students’ attitudes, values, interpersonal skills, and motives for choosing counseling as a potential profession. Threaded throughout the course will be the concept of counselor as social change agent and advocate for clients, the community, and the counseling profession. The primary purpose of the course, however, is to provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice the basic skills of helping.