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Eric Baltrinic


The purpose of this capstone project is to look into the implications of the norms high school athletes face with regards to socialization. Pressure to conform to gender norms can be difficult for all individuals. Along with those already formed gender norms, being a student-athlete has a culture of its own, which creates pressure from society to conform to the norms of the sports culture that can pose a danger to students at the high school level. Research has found correlations between these norms and seeking help seeking, even when it would benefit the student’s mental or academic health (Steinfeldt & Steinfeldt, 2012). Female student-athletes tend to have conflicting gender norms, so that dissonance between the two identities sends a red flag (Steinfeldt, Zakrajsek, Carter, & Steinfeldt, 2011). School counselors need to be aware of the implications of gender norms and the socialization process when it comes to their student-athletes in order to best reach out and service their needs.

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