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According to the American Cancer Society (2015), there were approximately 231,840 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed with nearly 40,290 deaths related to this type of cancer in 2015. Furthermore, 67,770 new cases of uterine cancer were diagnosed in 2015 with almost 14,270 related deaths from this form of cancer. Research has shown that women diagnosed with cancer also experience psychosocial issues and psychological distress. Through this paper, we will identify specific psychosocial and mental health challenges women face when diagnosed with cancer. Specifically, we will research depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and ways in which these psychological factors manifest within the cancer diagnosis. Once these psychosocial issues and psychological distress’ are identified, we will research evidenced based therapeutic interventions that can be beneficial in assisting women in processing through their cancer journey throughout many different stages and phases.

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