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Masa Sato


This article reviews the use of Art Therapy to treat children who suffer from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. It explores the clinical need for addressing trauma, including PTSD, and then reviews the effects of trauma on the brain, and how Art Therapy affects the brain. It also identifies mental health characteristics and needs for children diagnosed with PTSD. A historical background on Art Therapy is given. Art Therapy techniques are defined and described, and in the final section of the review, the use of art therapy is discussed specifically as it pertains to the treatment of children suffering from PTSD. This paper concludes that there are multiple reasons to strongly consider the use of Art Therapy when working with children whom have experienced trauma, but also acknowledges that there are some limitations in using art therapy as a diagnostic framework. Art Therapy paired with other therapies such as family and play therapies suggests some promise and consideration for future research topics.

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