During research into mental health, a common theme is the needs of urban and rural communities. There are entire journals dedicated to the mental health needs of these groups. Some common problems faced in both areas are access to mental health services as well as value systems that create barriers to accepting mental health services. The struggle to accept the help from very limited and often underfunded mental health services provides a perfect storm for rampant mental health and drug abuse problems. This is a review the current literature regarding the mental health services and barriers in these communities to draw comparisons and similarities. A review of available research on the commonalities will be discussed as well as identifying gaps in available data. Exploration into each subgroup’s similarities could provide a baseline for development of services to address both populations bilaterally. Due to the ever hostile political landscape, additional research regarding each group’s perception of each other will be reviewed. A hypothesized additional impact to be aware of is a reduction of hostility between the groups through information provided to them about their similarities. This may be an important determining factor in providing care to each group through a centralized system that will overcome existing barriers.

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Capstone Paper

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Master of Science (MS)


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Anquinetta V. Calhoun


La Crosse



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