Submit a Proposal

We are pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for the fall 2022 CLASP lecture series. CLASP is the Consortium of Liberal Arts and Science Promotion lecture series initiated in 2004. It is intended to promote interdisciplinary discussion and exchange.

CLASP presentations are aimed at a general audience of students, faculty and the community and are an exciting opportunity for faculty at any stage of their academic career to engage with the WSU community and share their scholarship. The series welcomes individual or panel presentations from any field of study and provides an inclusive platform for scholarship that has already been completed or remains in-progress.

CLASP continues the WSU tradition of fostering an intellectual climate among faculty by providing an opportunity to share research with our campus community. This series is organized as a partnership between the Consortium for Liberal Arts and Sciences Promotion (CLASP, a WSU Faculty Association Committee) and support of Provost Darrell Newton.

Faculty interested in participating should submit a one-page rationale that identifies their subject of study and research question and/or findings consistent for a roughly 40-minute presentation (with audience Q&A to follow). Submission review will occur through Fall 2022.

Please note: To submit a proposal, please create a free account with OpenRiver. Click on the "Submit a Proposal" button. Next look for the "Don't have an account? Sign up" to create an account. Next login with the My Account link."