The Darrell W. Krueger Library at Winona State University is pleased to provide public access to our online archive of four Winona city newspapers spanning from 1855 through 1976. This Winona City Newspaper Database archive is available here. It includes many issues of the following newspapers:

  • Winona Argus, 1855-1857
  • Winona Daily Republican, 1860–1901
  • Winona Republican Herald, 1905-1954
  • Winona Daily News, 1954-1976

This OpenRiver collection is a smaller set of these newspapers. To search the full database please use this platform: Winona City Newspaper Database.

Newspapers can be searched by keyword or paged through by issue. Please note that due to the poor quality of some of the original newspaper or microfilm, some pages are difficult to read and keyword searching may not find every occurrence of a word. Also note that not all issues were available for digitization. For example, this project does not provide full coverage for the Winona Argus due to limited issue availability in the microfilm format. If you do not find an article, which you believe is in one of the Winona newspapers, please try different search terms or limiters (such as searching by date or browsing by specific issues). Or contact a WSU librarian for assistance.

Winona State University would like to thank and acknowledge this project would not have been possible without the Winona Daily News granting us copyright permission for part of this content; the Minnesota Historical Society for their financial assistance and logistical support; additionally, the staff at the Winona County Historical Society provided valuable advice and assisted us with understanding the historical record.


Browse the Winona City Newspapers Collections:

Winona Argus

Winona Daily News

Winona Daily News 1970s

Winona Daily Republican

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