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This issue of the Winonan, the Winona State University student newspaper, was published on February 7, 2024.

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Winona State University


Winona, Minnesota


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From Darrell W. Krueger Library Archives & Special Collections Clarifications for WSU History details:

3rd paragraph: “When Winona State first opened as a University, Phelps Hall and Somsen Hall were the only two buildings.”

Additional information/correction: Winona State opened in 1860 but was called the First State Normal School. The first building was on the corner of 4th and Lafayette streets; the building was donated to the Normal School board by the city of Winona. In 1869, the first campus building was opened in the current location of Somsen Hall. That building was called Main Hall. The school at that time was called Winona State Teachers’ College. Main Hall was destroyed in a fire in 1922. The architectural planning for the building we call Somsen Hall began in 1923 and was opened on September 2, 1924. At that time, it was called College Hall. On May 7, 1937, College Hall was renamed “Somsen Hall” in honor of S.H. Somsen, resident director for nearly 25 years.

Two buildings flanked Main Hall: Phelps and Ogden. Phelps Hall was completed in 1915 and is a Jacobethan Revival. Another building Ogden Hall was completed in 1909. It looked nearly identical to Phelps. Ogden had a skyway that connected to Main Hall. The library was located on the top floor. Ogden was severely damaged in the 1922 fire that destroyed Main. Ogden was repaired but later demolished in 1951 to make room for a future physical education building. The library had moved in 1939 to a new building, Maxwell Hall.

Name of Somsen Auditorium: Harriet Johnson Auditorium

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