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This research’s purpose was to understand the deformational history of Precambrian metasedimentary units in the Nemo Quad of Black Hills, South Dakota. Current theory has an angular unconformity (Estes Unconformity), linking to multiple deformation events, separates an older and young Precambrian sequence. Ongoing research surrounding the Estes Unconformity created a developing theory of a single deformational event imprinting upon the Precambrian rocks. Christian Laing and I had three field experiences studying and documenting the Precambrian units within the Nemo Quad. Through structural measurements, micro-structural analysis, compositional comparison, and field observations we mentally constructed a deformational model and presented as a poster. Analyzing structural measurements by lithology; a single deformational event explained the same structural features on both sides of the contact. Our findings will progress a developing model of the deformational history throughout the Black Hills.

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