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Polythiophene has proven to be an excellent conductive polymer, and has been thouroughly researched over the past decade. Because of its conjugated backbone, it has gained popularity in photovoltaic cells as both n and p-type materials. Thiophene based derivatives: 3-(5-bromopentyl)thiophene, 5-(3'-thienyl)pentanoic acid (53TPA), 5- {3'-thienyi)-1mercaptopentane (53T1MP), and both 53TPA and 53T1MP capped PbS nanparticies were electrochemically polymerized with varying ratios of 2,2'-bithiophene y onto an ITO working electrode. Resulting polymer films were characterized with cycliccoltammetry, and insoluable and soluable films were characterized using FTIR and NMR respectively.

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Final Report Form, Research Report

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Robert Kopitzke



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