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The overall goal of this research is to synthesize Ergosta-5,22,24(28)-trienol (1), a suspected compound found in morel mushrooms. In order to accomplish this goal, a Julia Olefination reaction is necessary. Thus, the major focus of this research project was to synthesize the Julia Olefination reagent. This was accomplished through three subsequent syntheses. The first compound made, 1-bromo-3-methyl-2-butanone (14), was obtained with a percent yield of 55% and a good purity as determined by H1 NMR, APCI MS, and IR. Next, 14 was used in the synthesis of 1-benzo[ d]thiazol-2-ylthio )-3-methylbutan-2-one (15). A percent yield of 72% of 15 with relatively good purity as determined by melting point, APCI MS, and GC-MS was obtained. Lastly, 15 was oxidized to produced 1-benzo[ d]thiazol-2-ylsulfonyl)-3-methyl-2-butanone (16) with a yield of 19%. GC-MS was used to confirm the Julia Olefination reagent had been synthesized

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