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Fluorinated polymers are of great interest due to their unique combination of properties such as chemical inertness to acids and bases, low dissipation factors, and excellent weather resistance. Similarly, copolymers exhibit interesting properties due to different characteristics that each individual monomer contributes to the whole. The 3-trifluoromethylstyrene monomer was synthesized in two steps. 3-bromobenzotrifluoride was converted into a Grignard reagent and reacted with acetaldehyde to make the 1-phenylethanol derivative. This was then dehydrated to make 3- trifluoromethylstyrene using phosphorus pentoxide. In this second dehydration step, the project was stalled due to complications with the dehydrating agent. Thanks to this, polymerization was unable to occur during my research endeavors. However, three new dehydration methods were attempted and by using an acid catalyzed resin called Amberlyst-15 there is hope that it can be used to prepare further styrene monomers that can be used in future students' upcoming research.

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Research Report, Final Report Form

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Robert Kopitzke



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