Date Capstone Completed


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Masters of Science in Leadership Education: Professional Leadership


Leadership Education


Theresa Waterbury


This qualitative study explored the experiences of undergraduate Chinese international students and how those experiences related to their sense of belonging and perceived classroom performance. Individual interviews were conducted to obtain data for this study. Participants indicated experiences with sense of belonging in several ways, including (1) social support, (2) homesickness, (3) social isolation. These experiences contributed to belong through (1) student organizations and (2) cultural familiarity and integration. Participants also indicated connections with belonging and perceived classroom performance, including (1) educational background, (2) learning habits, (3) self-motivation, and (4) external factors. Recommendations for future research include monitoring the development of belonging over time, expanding the research to a larger and more diverse population, and utilizing quantitative instruments to determine level of belonging and how it impacts a measurable performance.



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