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Leadership as We Know it is a collection of insights into modern leadership compiled by graduate students in Winona State University’s Leadership Education program during the Spring 2019 semester in a course aptly titled, Change Leadership.

Each chapter was penned by one of 20 unique class members who offer their vision of leadership based upon their eclectic personal backgrounds and professional experiences, whose fields include athletics, business, education, and more.

These diverse narratives offer something for everyone; whether it be a veteran or blossoming leader eager to continue their growth and evolution.

Leadership as We Know it provides accounts from seasoned professionals who oversee their own organizational departments as well as emerging leaders just beginning their careers. Throughout these unique stories, clear patterns will emerge for the reader in what it takes to inspire change and provide authentic leadership for followers.

Publication Date

Spring 5-2019


Winona State University


Winona, Minnesota


Graduate Student Writing, Leadership Education


Leadership Education


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Book was written for the spring 2019 Change Leadership course in the WSU Leadership Education Department.



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Leadership As We Know It



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