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Winona State University's Change Leadership graduate course is comprised of seventeen individuals from different generations, with a broad range of skills, backgrounds, and professional expertise. Despite differences, all share a common goal; the desire to become more effective leaders in today’s evolving world. These 21st Century Leaders study, apply basic theory, and develop skills for management and leadership within organizations. Emerging leaders hope to impact the growth, sustainability, and integrity within those organizations. These New Leaders have studied problems and issues influencing individuals and group behavior within organizations to develop collaborative practices, strategies and to empower and advocate for others. New Leaders, New Thoughts is a collection of theory and perspectives on leadership.

“There are many issues facing leadership that make studying leadership a must. For example, being able to relay a task, a process, a vision, a mission, or simply transfer daily events all require what many leaders have a difficult time achieving: effective communication.” -Alex Howell

This book was created for the fall 2018 Change Leadership course taught by Dr. Barbara Holmes for the WSU Leadership Education Department.

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Winona State University


Winona, Minnesota


Graduate Student Writing, Leadership Education


Leadership Education


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This book was written in fall 2018 and published in April of 2020.



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New Leaders, New Thoughts:  Perspectives on Leadership in the 21st Century



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