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In 2000, Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) was awarded a Preparing Tomorrows Teachers to Use Technology (PT3) Implementation grant. One of the major goals of the grant was to create an electronic/multimedia portfolio (eportfolio) assessment system through which future teachers would document their proficiencies and amass strategies to enhance their future teaching. Between the fall of 2000 and the summer of 2003 an eportfolio development team, consisting of faculty from the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences, a college student, a public school teacher, and a technology expert, developed and implemented an eportfolio to be used by all teacher education candidates in the College of Education. Through systematic piloting and review, the obstacles and challenges of developing an eportfolio were met and a professional product was incorporated into the teacher education program in the College of Education. As of spring 2006, over 2,500 College of Education student eportfolios are online.

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