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Dancescape 2022 was performed on February 17-19, 2022.

The Winona State University Department of Theater and Dance presented their 32nd annual Dancescape concert on the Vivian Fusillo stage in the Robert A. DuFresne Performing Arts Center. The concert ran for three nights at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 17, through Saturday, February 19.

Dancescape 2022 included a range of approaches to modern, contemporary, street, jazz, and experimental dance, featuring 36 talented dancers and innovative choreography and design by students, faculty, and guest artists.

Student choreographers included Becca Braun, Jayde Grass, NamJin Kim, Ella Otto, Erin Rademacher, and Erin Thomas. With themes ranging from school bullying to journeys of faith, these original pieces each explore questions of identity, solace, and groove.

The concert featured the premiere of “Nehnu, Mowja, born of droplets,” a new work by Palestinian American choreographer Leila Awadallah, who worked intensively with a group of students during a guest artist residency in fall of 2021. Faculty works included Brianna Rae Johnson’s “Gliese 667 C e,” named after a potentially livable planet 24 light years away; Erinn Liebhard’s “Who’s Now?!,” a lively romp through the Christian McBride Trio’s jazzed-up 2011 rendition of Johnnie Taylor’s 1968 funk tune “Who’s Making Love;” and Erin Drummond’s “Fragments unknown,” set to a percussive score by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Ellen Reid.

Production featured original lighting design by faculty member Peggy Sannerud and students Joe Ahles, Kara Eggers, Nathan Gentner, and Mae Mironer; technical direction from Isaac Sawle; and original costume design by Tracy Van Voorst.

Senior NamJin Kim’s solo “Journey to Here” and Drummond’s “Fragments unknown,” along with an informal presentation of graduate student Ella Otto’s “Found,” represented WSU at the American College Dance Association (ACDA) regional conference at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee spring 2022.

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