Senior Show: Phoenix Rising

Senior Show: Phoenix Rising



"Reflecting on the cycle of the Phoenix we are constantly challenged by the expectations of each of our lives as growing individuals. For our senior show we have each chosen to focus on one aspect of the phoenix life cycle: Survival & Work, Self-Worthiness & Self-Love, Healing Biases & Past Experiences, Relationships & Communities, Self-Actualization & Optimization and Transcendence & Rebirth. It is extremely powerful to remember each of our journeys, paths, and stories because they are unique and come from our individual experiences. When looking at the cycle of a Phoenix, it reminds us to define and embrace our paths, which is crucial to our personal growth. Exploring the processes in life will help us save time and effort to focus on doing the work that we truly want and need in life. The cycle of the phoenix allows us to grow and move forward while feeling embraced by our past. It welcomes change and allows us to evolve in moving towards becoming better individuals. From within the ashes of the cycle we rise into our full potential." - Artists' Statement

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Art & Design


Winona State University


Winona, Minnesota


Add 5th artist Abby Trask - No date was listed for the Senior Design Show. The Spring April 2022 date is a placeholder date.

Senior Show: Phoenix Rising