Senior Show: Morale[e]

Senior Show: Morale[e]



"The decision between right and wrong can be a unique, yet paralyzing truth to what one sees within the world around them. Our show, Moral[e], is a way for each of us to reconcile the truths around us and foster the good through each of our eyes. As a group, we decided that the most important element of our show was that there was an immersive experience for the audience that would leave them thinking about their own lives in perspective. Our desired outcome for the show is to inspire the viewer to take an introspective look into their role in society, and how they promote compassion in their own lives. The possibilities of morality play a prominent and diverse role in each of our lives that we wanted to highlight within our show. Our initial inspiration for this idea came from deep introspection into our own lives and how much life has drastically changed within the past few years. This is a theme that is pertinent to each of us and was immediately something we knew we wanted to move forward with. The inspiration behind our concept is our enthusiasm in providing a meaningful takeaway for the audience. In addition to this, the introduction to a discussion on “sonder” inspired us to move towards empathy and what that means to each of us. Sonder is essentially the realization that each random passerby has a life as complex as your own. The intention behind morality in someone’s life has undoubtedly been altered from the pandemic into the reality we live in today. All of us have agreed that the weight of our moral conscience has played an even greater role in our lives as we move towards the future. The discernment between right and wrong has become increasingly challenging, as tension and divisiveness rises in our country. Due to rising controversy, it is no surprise that we have begun to question our personal morals (should I visit with family and friends during a pandemic, do I prioritize my emotional health over my physical health?)." - Artists' Statement

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Senior Show: Morale[e]