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At the University of South Carolina Aiken (USCA) each Exercise and Sports Science (ESS) student is required to take our fundamental Electrocardiography (EKG) course. Electrocardiography follows Human Physiology and is a prerequisite course to Exercise Testing in the ESS course sequence.

At USCA, this course is offered during Spring semester and during Maymester. During Spring semester, EKG is taught for four months, three days per week, 50 minutes per session. The course ends in the middle of May. During Maymester, the course is taught for 2.5 weeks, five days per week, 3.5 hours per session. Maymester ends at the end of May. Exercise and Sports Science juniors are required to take EKG during one of the semesters prior to taking the Exercise Testing course in the Fall. Selection of Spring semester versus Maymester is the student’s choice. As educators, we are interested in the magnitude of the student’s initial learning of this material and in their retention under each of these course formats. A review of literature indicates that both mental and physical learning are influenced by session duration, session frequency, and total length of the instruction period (1,2,3).

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