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This research examines relationships between the Blue Ribbon school awards of 1998-1999 in Indiana and their per pupil expenditure, their local monetary sources, and their self-reports evidencing power, prestige, and wealth. An earlier study of 1994-1996 middle and high schools in Indiana found that total local funds were significantly greater in Blue Ribbon school districts than in non-Blue Ribbon school districts. Part of the conclusion suggested a follow up study of subsequent years. The ensuing report seeks to determine if school districts chosen for Blue Ribbon awards in 1998-1999 had greater local sources, or greater total expenditures per pupil, than non-Blue Ribbon school districts did. Did Blue Ribbon School districts spend more local funds than non Blue Ribbon School districts did? Did Blue Ribbon School districts spend more total (federal, state, and local) funds than non Blue Ribbon School districts did? A discussion related to the power, prestige, and wealth of the award-winning elementary schools follows the presentation of the findings.

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