Essays in Education


Accessibility of information (factual or fabricated), social interconnectedness, and more of our daily lives being lived in the digital world has created challenges and opportunities for children and families around the world. As a result, there exists an emerging need for families with children aged birth-to-five to receive education and support through standards-based digital citizenship curriculum to navigate living online. Several models of digital citizenship curriculum have been created for the K-12 education to provide education and guidance for teachers, administrators, and parents of older children. Thus, we call for the development and implementation of standards-based digital citizenship curriculum in early childhood education for the future health and safety of all children. We provide a roadmap for implementation that leverages existing federal, state, and local structures already in place to bring curriculum to early childhood providers and families. Finally, we provide a crosswalk of current standards and available curriculum for immediate adoption, and call for future research in the many contexts in which early childhood education and care is provided.



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