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The major aim of this study was to compare prospective teachers’ attitudes and natures toward teacher-made essay, multiple-choice type versus computerized-type exams. The primary study was conducted on a sample of 393 prospective teachers (specifically, students from 33 physics education, 93 science education, 66 computer education, and 201 elementary education departments) at Necatibey Faculty of Education, in Balıkesir, Turkey who were administered a test attitude inventory specifically designed to assess prospective teachers’ attitudes toward essay, multiple choice versus computerized type formats on a variety of critical dimensions. The data from study was pointing to more favorable prospective teachers’ attitudes towards multiple choice exams compared to essay and computerized- type formats on most dimensions assessed. However, prospective teachers, in general, did not want to choose one type to another; because, they are willing to use some assessment types altogether or combination of at least two types (multiple choice and essay). Many see the computerized-type exam is more contemporary approaches than the others, and also many have a positive attitude toward using it in their further teaching. Nevertheless, somehow many see using computerized-type exam is not convenient and/or comfortable to use it yet

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