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This is a heuristic reflection on the challenge of increasing student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) as a meta-discipline. A simulation at the high school level is proposed to the end of meaningful integration of divers student capacities, urban melioration, long range networking, and individual portfolio development. There is a recognized need to encourage American youth to pursue careers in engineering and related fields of technology, mathematics, and science. One helpful tack would be to engage potential high school candidates in a design event addressing the real world issues of their own day-to-day environments. The strategy is to awaken STEM interest by way of self-interest. This would be the Youth Urban Planning Institute (YUPI). One might think of it as an Outward Bound for creative problem solving process. The host of challenges that pertain to the viability of urban environments cuts across the STEM domain: creation of a bio-technology industry, capture and treatment of water, urban food production, outfitting the domestic front for energy self sufficiency, effective processing of trash.

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