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This study examined the problem solving performance of male and female students’ mathematical problem-solving performances using Conceptual Learning Strategy (CLS) and Procedural Learning Strategy PLS). A sample of 124 science students assigned into CLS, PLS and Conventional Method (CM) groups were involved in the study making use of pretest, post test control group design. The sample was drawn from three intact Senior Secondary School Two (SSII) classes from three local government Areas of Osun State in Nigeria and were taught for a period of eight weeks. Findings of the study showed a non significant difference in the performance of boys and girls in the two learning strategies. But a significant difference was recorded in the performance of boys when comparing the two groups also in the performance of girls in the two groups. The study therefore concluded that when training of problem solving is carried out in mathematics using Conceptual and Procedural Learning Strategies boys and girls will perform equally well without significant difference.

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