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The Universal Basic Education Programme in Nigeria and the “Grundskola” Education Programme of Sweden are situated within the large context of a global quest for Education for All (EFA). Both programmes have a fundamental principle in common, that is everybody must have access to equivalent education and both are comprehensive and co-educational. Consequently, this paper compared the UBE with the Grundskola by examining the similarities and differences, the unique features of each programme and the extent that the Nigeria UBE can benefit from the Sweden’s Grundskola proclaimed as one of the best primary education in the world. The paper discusses the objectives, curriculum content, methodology and organization and the teaching force. The paper therefore suggests that the UBE of Nigeria be strengthened with quality regulatory roles, ensure increased in enrolment into the teacher education programme with quality training, ensure better funding, review curriculum to expunge irrelevant contents and include new ones in line with global demands, entrench innovative approaches of teaching and ensure proper adherence to policy implementation.

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