Fall 2020

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Saturday, August 1st

My Global Identity: iDesign Theme Materials

Winona State University

The Winona State University iDesign program developed a body of theme branding materials for the 2020-2021 WSU University Theme My Global Identity. The materials included logos, frames, email templates, animations, stickers, and poster designs. Theme branding materials design was led by Professor Chun-Lok Mah and were created by his students in spring 2020 and during the 2020-2021 year.

Tuesday, August 18th

My Global Identity: WSU Alumni Blogs

Winona State University

Members of the theme team helped to identify global voices for a new “Discovering & Defining Who I Am” series published by Winona State University Blogs. Two international alumni and one Study Abroad alumna shared their stories about identity, persistence, and their connections to Winona and to the world. A PDF document presents all of the blogs in one location.

Friday, September 11th

Christian Vizl Silent Kingdom Virtual Exhibition

Christian Vizl

Renowned ocean photographer Christian Vizl whose black and white “Vizl style” highlights the beauty of the ocean world while emphasizing the importance of environment protection and conservation efforts. The WSU Student Green Fee Sustainability grant was awarded to the University Theme for this film.

Monday, October 26th
12:00 PM

My Global Identity: Interactive Mapping

Winona State University

12:00 PM

The theme team worked with WSU students and faculty in the MIS-College of Business department to develop a series of interactive mapping visuals to help us as a community to understand our global connections. WSU community members were invited to participate by taking the survey(s), exploring live data visualizations of responses from the WSU community, incorporating these topics into classroom or extra-curricular group conversations about what the survey questions and visuals mean to individual identities and what aspects of global identities are not represented by these maps and data. Responses at the end of the theme year are preserved in copies of the surveys and screenshots of the map visuals. A PDF document with screenshot of the online maps is provided in this record.

Monday, November 9th

My Global Identity: A Recipe & A Story

Winona State University

The campus community was invited to share in a cultural experience through food! Favorite recipes from WSU's international community were shared with a picture of them with the dish on social media with the hashtag #myglobalidentity. All participants could submit their own dish too, share a recipe (and a story) that reflects their own cultural background. A PDF document is available with the Padlet and Sway materials created for this event.