The purpose of Winona State University Theme is to increase understanding and complexity of current societal issues while promoting a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach. The themes are selected by the University Community and are intended to engage students, faculty, staff, and community members in conversation and learning throughout the year. Through the main website and in OpenRiver you can learn about upcoming themes and past themes, events, and experiential learning opportunities.

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2023-2024 Theme: Culture of Caring
2022-2023 Theme: Purpose, Empowerment, & Persistence
2021-2022 Theme: The Future of Learning
2020-2021 Theme: My Global Identity
2019-2020 Theme: Career Readiness
2018-2019 Theme: Resilience
2017-2018 Theme: Creativity and Innovation
2016-2017 Theme: Our Digital Humanity
2015-2016 Theme: Equity as a Human Right
2014-2015 Theme: Sustainable Futures
2013-2014 Theme: Civic Action: Meeting the Challenge of Improving Our World
2012-2013 Theme: Well Connected: Piecing Together a Well You
2011-2012 Theme: Home and Place
2010-2011 Theme: The Big Sky
2009-2010 Theme: Sustainable Food Partnerships
2008-2009 Theme: Our Drinking Fountains, Our Water