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The goal of our proposed research is to develop a high-yielding single-step synthesis from 4-bromotrifluoromethylbenzene. A relatively low cost, high yielding synthetic route to 4-trifluoromethylstyrene is desired in this experiment. The palladium catalyzed coupling of 4-bromotrifluoromethylbenzene with vinyltrimethoxysilane is the synthetic method used. Synthetic precursors to 4-pentafluorosulfurylstyrene are quite expensive, therefore developing a high yielding single step route using cheaper precursors and catalysts are desirable. The main goal is to attempt and develop a successful single step synthetic route to 4-bromotrifluroromethylbenzene using these less expensive trifluoromethyl group precursors. The first steps of the project turned out to be successful, with high yields of the ligands, and then obtaining high yields of the precursor. The last experiment involved a 100% yield of 4-bromotrifluoromethylbenzene after several failed attempts.

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Final Report Form, Research Report

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Robert Kopitzke



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