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With the rise of anxiety within the United States, it is crucial to find safe and effective ways to alleviate symptoms. The purpose of this study was to examine how walking on a treadmill, participating in yoga, or quietly reading impacts state anxiety. This study included 40 (N=40) students studying psychology at Winona State University. Participants were randomly assigned to one of the three conditions. Participants completed the STAI-AD, an anxiety inventory measuring state and trait anxiety, before and after receiving their assigned condition. Analysis was done using a mixed between-within subjects’ analysis of variance to see if one condition was more effective than another in alleviating state anxiety. Results indicated that no condition was more effective in reducing anxiety. Results did indicate that time had a significant main effect. A one-way ANOVA was conducted to compare the mean change of anxiety within each condition. Results indicated there was not a significant change in anxiety between conditions. Another one-way ANOVA was conducted to compare mean pre-condition state anxiety for each condition. The results indicated there was not a significant difference between the treatments precondition state anxiety. These findings indicate that anxiety may be reduced by taking 20 minutes to go for a walk, participating in yoga, or reading.

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