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The "Art and Literature Booklet" corresponds to the visual arts select senior show of Matt Wagner, which happned in the Max Weber gallery on November 5th - 9th. Since the show, the booklet has been in circulation throughout the midwest region as well as internationally. Using Google Analytics to track hits on the vitrual gallery that corresponds with the show, it has been tracked that people from Brazil and Poland have observed the website. States such as Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota have also had viewers who have been to the website. The use of the literature booklet gives life to the art show by breaking the means of needing a physical space. Instead, the booklet has been handed off, shared, and placed all around, giving viewers a unique way to observe literature and art in a setting that goes with them. Copies of the booklet are still high in numbers. The one week show (where the booklet was originally placed with the artworks) saw 140 booklets taken with viewers, which I consider a great success.

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