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In recent months, an interest has arose in whether or not gluten free beers due in fact have gluten in them. During the first part of my research, a few gluten free beers were tested using an ELIZA (EZ Gluten) test to determine if there was any gluten in the beer (this test would be used later on the grains). The results showed that the gluten free beers did in fact not have gluten in them. After testing the beers, I will utilize alternate grains (sorghum, rice, corn, quinoa) to determine if any gluten is extracted during the fermentation process. During the process, standard tests used during the brewing process will be used on the alternative grain fermentation to analyze that the grains are a plausible alternative to standard grains used (barley, malt, etc.). The tests to be run include hydrometer readings to test specific gravity, a Brix test to determine sugar content and consumption, and a total protein assay to determine the proteins extracted by the fermentation process.

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