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Masters of Science: Special Education


Special Education


This study used a survey format to understand the trauma-informed strategies and approaches that secondary teachers at one Midwest high school used when working with trauma-affected students. Specifically, the focus was on how teachers build relationships with students, teach coping skills, and implement individual supports when working with trauma-affected students. Teachers provided answers by answering multiple choice questions with the option to select multiple options for each question. The study found that most teachers use a variety of relationship building strategies with students. However, it also found that many of the general education teachers and special education teachers in settings I and II did not implement trauma-informed approaches in the areas of teaching coping skills or using individual supports with students. The study found that special education teachers in setting III tended to implement trauma-informed strategies more frequently in all three areas when they were working with trauma-affected students. Based on the information, researchers should focus on educating general education and special education teachers in settings I and II on ways to support trauma-affected youth. These teachers should be trained specifically in the areas of coping skills and individual supports to use with trauma-affected students.



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