The Nursing DNP Projects collection contains the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) projects from the fall of 2019 through the most recently completed semester. Full text of the projects written before fall 2019 are available in print format in the WSU Library.


Nursing DNP Projects from 2023


Adult Post-Cardiac Surgery Deep Sternal Wound Infections, Samantha Porcher and Cole Gatzke

Nursing DNP Projects from 2022


A Clinical Dashboard to Reduce Missed Opportunities to Measure Dialysis Adequacy, Kassandra J. Goodman, Cora L. Wilson, and Ann R. Loth


Implementing and evaluating a mentorship program for new graduate nurses in a medical-surgical unit: A quality improvement pilot, Nicholas Dull, Jennifer Jakobe, Carol Reichel, and Sonja Meiers


Supporting Children Impacted by Parental Addiction: A Toolkit for Kinship Caregivers, Nicole Mueller and Jaimee Kudrle


Bispectral Index (BIS) Monitor: Applying the Evidence for Appropriate Application and Use, Mandy Christensen-Geraci and Becky Templin


An Evidence--Based Intervention: Use of Visual Aids for Patient Education During Bedside Team Rounding, Kristin Clifford and Shay Gruber


Trauma-Informed Care in the Emergency Department, Kayla Kvell and Kristin Oscarson

Nursing DNP Projects from 2021


Implementing Staff Education to Reduce Stress and Increase Resilience, Samantha Lambert, Mariana Corpus, Sherry Chesak, Susanne M. Cutshall, Diane M. Forsyth, and Habibo A. Haji


Education Effectiveness of Recognizing Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in a Long-Term Care Facility, Xie Zhonghua, Lisa Ertman, Carole Jenson, Kimberly Langer, and Kristi Petersen


Improving Data Collection and Documentation within a Post-Hospital Discharge Follow-Up Phone Call Program, Lindsay Horihan and Tasha Flicek


Improving Data Collection and Documentation in a Post-Discharge Follow-Up Phone Call Program, Lindsay Horihan and Tasha Flicek


Improving Outcomes for Sexual Assault Patients in Alignment with HIV nPEP Clinical Guidelines, Maria Dahlke and Rachel Kanz


Caring Calls: A Weekly Phone Call Intervention and the Correlation with Loneliness in Rural Dwelling Adults, Abigail Jumbeck, Jennifer Timm, Mieca Valen, and Chris Malone


Developing a Resiliency Bundle for Home Care Nurses, Candace Unger


Implementation of a Zoom Toolkit for Web-Based, Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs, Samantha Brown and Julie Shelton


A Bundled Approach to Integrative Care for Peripherally Inserted Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Cannula Insertion Site, Kelly Garaffa and Mickey Amos


Implementation of the Centor Score in the Assessment of Pharyngitis in an Atypical Setting During a Pandemic, Holly C. Wright


Best Practices to Prevent or Delay Diabetes in Adults with Prediabetes, Aminata Cham


Risk Stratification for Acute Heart Failure in the Emergency Department, Danika M. Nelson


Advocating for Palliative Care in the Intensive Care Unit: A Nursing Approach, Andrea Kirk and Erin Leach


Addressing Psychosocial Outcomes of Social Isolation in Older Adults, Megan Friesen and Madeline M. Christensen


DNP Proposal: Implementing Staff Education to Reduce Stress and Increase Resiliency, Samantha Lambert and Mariana Corpus

Nursing DNP Projects from 2020


Implementation of a Palliative Care Program in Rural Minnesota, Barbara Lenarz


DNP Proposal: Delirium Prevention Protocol, Aaron Klein and Julia Kvam


Improving Nurse Knowledge and Comfort in Advance Care Planning, Hajrudina Brkic and Marisia Young


PPE Compliance and Knowledge Among Healthcare Staff, Beatrice Hagert and Nicole Krummel


An Escape Room for Sepsis Education, Brit Voshage and Autumn Leigh Cole


An Innovative Approach for Type 2 Diabetes Education, Rachel Domagala


Implementation of the Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric as a Progress Review Tool, Lydia Lazzara

Nursing DNP Projects from 2018

Bedside Care Provider's Confidence and Knowledge Using an Intraventricular Hemorrhage Guideline in a NICU, M. Anibas

Social Support Among Hispanic Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: Strategies for Improvement and Effects on A1C and BMI, K. Byrd-Kranz and G. Garcia-Lopez

Impact of Education: Use of Violence Screening and Intervention Tool in the ED, M. Nyantaroka, B. Nyaosi, and H. Omweri

Ticket to Travel: Improving Handoff Communication in the Intrahospital Transportation of Patients to Radiology, E. Sanders

An Interprofessional Clinical Education Model Serving Students, Faculty, and Community, J. Timm

Nursing DNP Projects from 2017

A Preparatory Letter and Caregiver Conversation Intervention to Decrease Distress and Support Family Engagement When Children are Initiating Proton Beam Therapy, S. Bain and K. Scales

Attitudes Toward Dementia, T. Cowan

Interprofessional Simulation for Violent Patient Behaviors in the Emergency Department, T. Gusenius and W. Krull

Community-Based Diabetes-Screening of a Low English Literacy Population of Minority-Predominant Immigrants and Refugees, C. Hainy, M. Huschka, and J. Nyaenya

Evidence of Antimicrobial Stewardship in Treatment of Uncomplicated UTI in Emergency Medicine, P. Heppner

Evaluation of an Educational Intervention in Advance Care Planning on Community Health Workers, B. Johnson and J. Ulgenes

Implementing the Serious Illness Care Program in Primary Care, J. Libbesmeier

Patient and Caregiver New Medication Education Using tTeach-back, J. Prochnow

Implementation of Advance Care Planning in a Rural Minnesota Long-Term Care Facility, A. Reed

Effectiveness of a E-Learning Intervention on Recognition and Management of Pressure Injuries in Acute Care Settings, J. Smith

Nursing DNP Projects from 2016

Promoting Nurse Practitioners in Tanzania: Lessons Learned, K. Bachand and J. Ganong

Sepsis Screening Tool Implementation on a Neuroscience Medical-Surgical Unit, K. Besemer and J. Mikkelson

Prevention of Risky Sexual Behaviors When Alcohol is Involved for College Females, H. Carlin and E. Rivard

Enhancing Care for Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: An Evidence Based Practice Approach in Rural Minnesota, C. Cook and S. Dahms

Recognizing Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: An Educational Intervention for Primary Care Staff in the Community Setting, B. Dubois

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Within a Hispanic-American Population, E. Dyce and K. Switalski

Multidisciplinary Medication Reconciliation in the Hospital Setting: An Evidence-Based Practice Project, A. Glasscock and J. Ramirez

Diabetes Assessment in Ambulatory Surgery, P. Haala

Mainting Quality While Transitioning to the Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) Model, C. Jones

Applying the Evidence in Treatment of Acute Uncomplicated Bronchitis in Emergency Medicine, K. Langer and D. Steele

Sexually Transmitted Infection Education and Testing at an Alternative Learning Center Clinic, A. McAlister and J. Richardson

Propofol Disposal in the Anesthesia Setting: Overcoming Barriers, D. Schneider

Nursing DNP Projects from 2015

An Educational Evaluation Using Non-Invasive Interventions to Decrease Work-Related Stress for Staff, M. Anderson and D. Shuey

Perceptions of Advanced Care Planning Among Latino Adults in the Community Setting, L. Habicht and E. McLean

Somali Cultural Competence Education: An Intervention for Emergency Department Staff, E. Herrity and J. Onduso

Evaluating a Unit-Specific Surgical Safety Checklist Briefing in an Orthopedic Surgical Department: Influence on Compliance and Culture of Safety, S. Kraft

Enhancing Self-Management for Adults with Functional Abdominal Pain (FAP) Through a Registered Nurse-led Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Intervention, C. Niesen

Assessment of Low Sodium Diet Education for Patients, D. Remme