Date Capstone Completed


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Masters of Science in Leadership Education: Sport Management


Leadership Education


Theresa Waterbury




The COVID-19 pandemic forced many school districts to move all traditional face-to-face classes to distance learning settings. As a result, educators were left with the challenge of keeping students engaged from a remote location. This study determined what instructional strategies 4K-8 educators found most effective in fostering student engagement while using experiential learning in a rural, distance learning setting. 4K-8 educators were asked to complete an anonymous, confidential survey to gather information about their emergency transition to distance learning experiences and what instructional strategies they found most beneficial in fostering student engagement while using experiential learning. The study analyzed the qualitative data using thematic coding and meta-synthesis. The results of this study found that building personal relationships with students, adding movement into lessons, setting expectations early, and providing encouraging and positive instruction were effective instructional strategies for promoting student engagement in a rural, distance learning setting.



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